Combatting Modern Slavery Training

Moden #Slavery is in the news again.  Major slaverly ring in the  West Midlands exploited at least 400 people.  2018 saw prosecutions for modern slavery rise by 25% but it is suspected this is just the thin end of the wedge.

All businesses need to raise managment awareness of modern slavery, the law and the risks it poses in terms of #ethics, #finance and #PR 

Concrew Training's one-day workshop on Combatting Modern Slavery provides a high value route for raising awareness and exploring how best to cleanse the supply chain.


Workplace Employment disputes grievances & tribunals claims are expensive. They need to be avoided. This training reduces problems & helps evidence the employers adherence to good practice.
#Employment #workplace #disputes #grievances and #tribunals usually arise due to a lack of clarity or understanding of employment law, policies and procedures or just unreasonable behaviour.
Ensuring Managers are properly trained helps significantly
Unreasonable behaviour may be on the part of the employer or employee or sometimes both. Much of employment law is underpinned by the principles of ‘fairness‘ and ‘reasonableness‘ and the question “what is reasonable, practical and proportionate?” is threaded into our training course as profiled below.
Individual employment rights have really increased in recent years and likely to increase still further; with these increases comes the associated increase in risk that employers will need to deal with an increase in grievance issues and potentially e…

GDPR - 1 year on a report by the ICO

On 30 May 2019 The #ICO published a report on their reflections and learning since the #GDPR was introduced in May 2018 and what their outlines plans are for the future. 
Since 25 May 2018 more than 40,000 data protection complaints were received and over 14,000 personal #databreaches reported. 
The ICO says the responsibility for compliance lies with organisations and for those organisations who do not take this responsibility seriously or those who break the #law, they will act “swiftly and effectively”
Data Protection investigations take time to complete and investigations commenced under the GDPR are now nearing completion with the issues, penalties and fines becoming apparent.
The ICO are looking for Data Protection Officers ( #DPO ) to be embedded and supported in their respective organisations by senior management. They expect organisations need to shift their focus to “accountability with a real evidenced understanding of the risks to individuals in the way they process data and…

Chairing meetings training delivers real benefits

The effectiveness of any meeting is dependent on the quality of participation and involvement of those present. 
The #Chair and/or #Facilitator plays a key role in encouraging and managing the contributions of all participants with significantimprovements in the effectiveness of the #meeting being when the Chair is well trained in role.

The task of the Chair is to utilise the talents of the group and move them towards the #meetings objectives or expected outcomes. This is often difficult to achieve
The Chair may need to exert more control at the beginning of a meeting when a group is newly formed, or when the meeting is particularly large. 
Being over controlling, however, will inhibit debate and may reduce participants’ sense of ownership of the tasks. The trick is to strike a balance between control and participation: 
Our one-day workshop on Being a more effective Chair equips participants with theory and skills for effective group chairing and facilitation.
The course gives participants…

£995 cremations in Mansfield Chesterfield Alfreton

A local #Funeral Director approached us for advice on how to promote #cremations at a very low £995/£999 price point.  Their goal was to compete with online services but to maintain the quality, service and professionalism their family business is known for.  

Our suggestion was to develop some stand alone web sites that stood apart from their main site, each targeted to a specific local town.  To help illustrate the approach we developed a simple one page site on our test and development platform.  Obviously the header needs adjusting etc but it does show how quick and easy the whole concept is.

See the demo web site here

The web site took about an hour to put up.  They can use their existing domain host for 3 more web sites without extra cost, so they only need to pay for new domains at £7.50 a year ( price from their web hosting supplier)

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More great feedback on our GDPR training course

Whilst we blog frequently about our Employee Representation training courses we make less comment on others that are of interest and use to Employee Reps such as those relating to business skills and employment law

Our one-day courses on Data Protection and The GDPR is another popular topic with exemplary feedback.  

Indeed only last week we received comments such as "course was first class" "marvellous" "very interesting and enjoyable" 

To be honest we receive comments like this on most courses so we are probably a little blasé about it.  

We deliver our training courses on your premises across the UK. Contact us today for more information

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Employee Rep Training Face to Face or Online

We are often asked if we provide, online learning.  Having experienced both e-learning materials and virtual classrooms we feel both have a place but neither engage, motivate or deliver performance improvement in the way that traditional face to face training does.   If you need to cascade simple messages at relatively low cost or just evidence compliance then they suffice but for real learning we believe traditional face to face participative training remains the most effective route.
Face to face #learning is highly participative, easy for all to engage with, more easily tailored to the needs of the participants and provides for excellent team bonding.
Our Employee Rep #training courses can be found HERE >>>>
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