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Using Cloud Technology within Education

TES believes that that the Further Education Sector needs to embrace cloud based technology (link).  Cloud based systems can help save money, reduce emissions and above all help provider engage with their learners in a more effective manner.
Concrew Training's workshop on Technology Enhanced Learning (link) explores whats on offer, provides ideas and support to improve implementation and use.
Faced with current budget pressures spending money on training and technology is a tough choice but the benefits on offer are significant
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Image:A personal timeline of technology usage by Sandra Schön used under CC BY 2.0

Finance For Non Financial Managers Training 2017

Understanding budgets and how the company finances work is essential knowledge for all managers.  ” Finance for non financial manager” training courses aim to provide the underpinning financial knowledge information managers need, but with needs differing across roles and sectors and a one size fits all training solution seldom works! Concrew Training offer a range of one-day, or longer, workshops that explore different aspects and issues. More Information via the links below: Better BudgetingCredit ControlFinance for BusinessFinance for DirectorsFinancial StatementsFinancial Planning and ControlI                         Image:  balance sheet ok by Philippe Put used under CC BY-ND n

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Report on ways to manage challenging behaviour in the classroom

Interesting Government sponsored report on how to manage challenging behaviour in the classroom

more information and links to the report at:

on site support and training from Concrew Training here

Poor Pre Sales Doesn't Inspire Wanna be Barista

I made some enquiries about Barista Training in Lincoln last week.

The first company I approached was at the top of the google search page and promote themselves as being available to speak to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including bank holidays.  I called at about 09:30 on Friday morning but the person who answered the phone could give me any information about their training courses or open evenings and said some one would phone me back.  Having heard nothing more by lunch time I phoned again and got an answer machine so I left a message, its now Monday evening and guess what - they still haven't called me back.

The second company promised a reply within 24 hours, I sent a message through their on line enquiry form at about 21:00 on the Friday evening, to be honest I wasnt expecting a reply over the weekend but guess what ............. No your wrong -  I didn't get a call back and I still haven't had one.

All I can say is Concrew Training values your custom and we will …

Limited Cost Business - New VAT rates hit small business

The changes to flat rate VAT, that were announced last year, are due to come into effect on 01 April 2017.  Thousands of small businesses are facing large rises in the amount of tax they pay

Under the current system small businesses charge 20% vat on their sales and pay a percentage of their total sales, including vat, to the Government but are unable to reclaim their input vat, the vat they pay on their purchases.  The percentage they pay is between 4% and 14.5% dependent on the sector they operate in.  Sectors that are likely to buy more goods for resale pay less, service sector industries pay more.

From April 2017 small businesses that spend less than 2% of their total turnover or £1000/year on physical goods will be classed as limited cost businesses and if registered for flat rate VAT will pay the new rate of 16.5%.

An illustration of how this will affect small business is to look at a membership organisation, under the current system they charge 20% VAT ON their membership fees…

policy reinvention leads to huge waste and little progress.

New report from the Institute for Government concludes that

"in three critical policy areas (Further education, Regional government and Industrial strategy) and indeed in others not directly covered here – change happens far too often and too casually. New legislation replaces old; organisations are founded and abolished; policies are launched and relaunched; programmes are created and abandoned – all at an alarming rate"

read the full report here

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01 April 2017 - New National Minimum Wage and Gender Pay Gap Reporting Live

01 April 2017 sees the National Minimum Wage (#NMW) / National Living Wage (#NLW) increase.   The new rates from 01 April 2017 are:

Age 25/25+       £7.50
Age 21-24         £7.05
Age 18-20         £5.60
Age under 18    £4.05
Apprentice       £3.50

01 April 2017 sees the introduction of Gender Pay Gap reporting.  Private and voluntary sector organisations employing more than 250 people need to publish their gender pay gap information within the next 12 months.  
The Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties and Public Authorities) Regulations 2017 is due to come into effect on 31 March 2017 and should place the similar responsibilities on Public Sector Organisations.
More information on what is required can be found on the ACAS website or #ConcrewTraining offer a one day CPD course for managers and HR professionals that helps you understand what is required and how you can best  best the requirements.

Ofsted report on the consistency of school Inspections

#Ofsted have just released a report on their findings following an investigation into the consistency and reliability of school short inspections.

That is to say how  frequently 2 inspectors independently conducting a short inspection of the same school on the same day agreed on the outcome of the inspection.

Read more here

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