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Free resources about the right of children

The equality and human rights commission have just published free online resources for children and young people - to learn about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). See link below

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volunteers and the law

Many charities and community organisations rely on volunteers and private companies and public sector bodies are also increasingly moving into this area by either offering volunteer places to unemployed people or releasing paid staff to undertake voluntary work as part of their overall corporate social investment policies and activities. Welfare to work reforms, government announcements about the status of employees as well as a growing number of important landmark cases are changing the rights and responsibilities of both the volunteer and those who manage them. Consequently it is important that all those who are involved in or with volunteering understand the latest requirements, for example The difference between an employee and a ‘worker’when a volunteer might be an employee or workerthe implications for employment rights, minimum wage etcThe tax implications if volunteers are paid or receive taxable benefitsThe potential implications if volunteers who arecharity trusteesasylum seek…