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Vicarious Liability

The concept of “Vicarious Liability” for any offensive discriminatory behaviour and conduct goes right to the top of the organisation. It follows clearly that the board of Directors or Governors will need to satisfy itself that everyone in the organisation is aware not only of their rights but also their associated responsibilities.

 Tribunal claims have been lost by employers because this balance was not achieved. In other cases liabilities have been considerably reduced and transferred to the offender when, under scrutiny, it emerges that hard headed policies with clear procedures were in place, that effective sustained training underpinned this provision and that fast track mechanisms were in place to alert the board about prevailing or imminent problems and issues

The big question is - do you and your business have the correct policies and procedures in place?

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Do those at the top of the organisation appreciate the steady shift from the individual having to prove a claim of discrimination to one where it is the organisation that often has to prove with tangible evidence that they did not discriminate? The new public duties on equalities and those already in place are part of this agenda. External scrutiny regimes are increasingly demanding tangible evidence that policies and procedures do far more than tick boxes!

Those in a governance role have a clear overarching scrutiny role here which they must sustain and review.

Corporate Governance and Equalities

Tesco, BBC, Rotherham, will you be next? . All CEOs, Directors and Governors need a robust understanding they understand how equalities legislation and good practice impacts on their business #E&D #equalities #governance #HR #CEO

 The right training can help

The role of the first-line manager is arguably one of the most important tasks in any organisation

The role of the first-line manager is arguably one of the most important tasks in any organisation or business. The latest moves to flatter management structures places further responsibility on first line managers including, supervisors, team leaders and section managers. Getting the best out of staff, often in circumstances where time and resources are limited, is a demanding task for all managers but for those new to management, with limited experience of managing people, the challenges are even more daunting. The ability of first line managers to understand the law, the issues and the correct approach has a huge impact on organisational performance. The right training and support significantly improves success. Concrew Training's pre-developed one-day good practice workshops include a wide range of topics that support the continued professional development of first line management. POPULAR TOPICS INCLUDE: click links below for more information on each workshop TH…

Outstanding teaching

Outstanding teaching demands teaching strategies engage all learners with work that is challenging and meets the needs of all learners including the most able. #fe #schools #education learn how...

Questioning and Feedback within Education

Effective questioning is a springboard to further engage learners & stretch their understanding. (#education ) its far more than just about checking learning

Improving Support for Students Experiencing Mental Health Problems

A one-day workshop on what to look out for and what an effective support response might be. How to identify, advise and address potential problems effectively. Most organisations make provision for assessing and supporting students who have been diagnosed with more serious mental health issues but many students manage to camouflage their conditions and consequently they are not always formally undiagnosed and virtually all students will experience stress related problems at some point. For advisers without formal training or in depth experience with these types of issues, trying to assist students can be overwhelming. Running this one-day workshop in-house enables managers, teachers, trainers, tutors and learning support staff to understand the signs, symptoms and issues and begin the process of developing a more effective support mechanism. More Information at:…

Outstanding Teaching requires a common vision that stretches students

Outstanding Teaching requires teachers, trainers and learning support teams to share a common vision one that has high expectations of all students and a joined up approach that enables effective learning, stretching and scaffolding as needed. Teachers Trainers and Learning Support Working Together: Developing and Delivering Outstanding Lessons #Furthereducation #Ofsted #teaching #vocational #training #teacher #secondary #schools

reforms for children with SEN and disabilities

The reforms for children with SEN and disabilities come into effect today. Concrew Training Offers a wide range of support for education providers to help them understand and meet students needs better. #FE #mentalhealth #SEN