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"enforced subject access requests" become a Criminal Offence - Data Protection Act Section 56

Pending changes to section 56 of the data protection act has significant implications for all businesses and organisations.  

The expected implementation date for, the currently dormant,  Section 56 is December 2014 although this may change. It will make “enforced subject access requests” a criminal offence. 

Enforced subject access requests typically arise the in recruitment checking and vetting process or the supply of restricted products and services.  

That is to say where any person requires someone to exercise their subject access rights under the Data Protection Act (DPA), by submitting a request for their personal data (for specific protected records) to certain data controllers, and to share the results. 

Section 56 is designed to stop excessive access to protected records which would not normally be available except to individuals as their own personal data, or to those limited persons legally entitled to make specific searches for such details.

Section 56 will significantly impa…

Volunteers and Volunteering

Concrew Training is pleased to announce new on-day workshops on volunteers and volunteering.  More information via the link below

Teachers need training on combating bullying

The Herald newspaper in Scotland, commenting on a recent report on homophobic bullying, quote 88% of secondary school pupils affected yet only 17% of teachers having received training on combating the issue.  For full article can be found here It is probable that a similar situation exists across the UK.  It is imperative that teachers and trainers and learning support teams receive training in combating bullying.    Concrew Training's one-day workshop on combating bullying and harassment can help.  More information here #edchat #school #fe #education #learning #bullying #teachers #teaching

Improving the Effectiveness of Student Reviews

When carried out correctly, regular reviews, with students, of their own individual goals, targets, learning and progress make a significant contribution to their overall progression and achievement; and ultimately inspection results too. High quality student reviews can also deliver step changes in students’, attitude, motivation and empowerment and related life skills such as communication, problem solving and tenacity. For any student review to be truly effective, they need to focus the student on what they have done well, what they have achieved and specifically what they need to next to maintain their progression. Review outcomes need to be tangible and transparent, easily understood, user-friendly and referenced to the students goals and targets.  They also need to be timely, ongoing, consistent and friendly. This is not easy, not even for the most experienced teachers, trainers and support teams. Focusining on the following can help The use of discussionThe use of active questioni…

Guidance and Advice on the EAT court ruling on overtime and holiday pay

Overtime and Holiday Pay Ruling -  04 November 2014

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled (4th November 2014) that when employers are calculating "pay" for the purposes of paid holiday entitlement for those workers undertaking their duties in the UK, remuneration for voluntary, non-guaranteed overtime must be taken into account if it forms part of the individual's “normal pay”
This important case appears to have stark implications for employers; with many companies already speculating about the prospect of increased payment and tax obligations relating to holiday payments for many staff.  However, a note of caution about these fears should be sounded since

1.The scope of the ruling is limited to certain types of overtime 2.Strict time limits have been laid down in respect of backdated claims and 3.The ruling is now going to be appealed to higher courts
This briefing sets out:       The UK and European Legal Framework from which the judgement arose       P…

Anti-Bullying Week starts 17 November 2014

This years annual anti-bullying week is almost upon us.  Its a great time for all schools, colleges, businesses and organisations to take proactive steps to stamp out bullying and harassment in all its forms.

Concrew Training's one-day staff training workshop is a great way to make sure key managers and staff understand the problem and what they can do to help prevent it

More information HERE >>>

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"Differentiated Learning Made Easier" training praised

Concrew Training has received more enthusiastic feedback from another satisfied customer, this time on our "Differentiated Learning Made Easier" workshop

All the feedback rated the training as good or better and 81% of the feedback awarded it the top grade of "extremely good".

Individual delegate comments included:

Enjoyed lively motivation activities.Thought provoking – sharing information.Really enjoyable and packed full of very useful information.Great !Innovative experience, discovered a variety of activitiesExcellent delivery of well-sourced and referenced material.Very enjoyable.Engaging and detailed – well paced, thought provoking and motivating
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