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Have you published your Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement ?

The introduction, in 2015 of the UK's Modern Slavery Act, required larger organisations that carried out business in the #UK to eradicate slavery and #socialinjustice in their global supply chains and to publish a #slavery and #humantrafficking statement each financial year

UK Government guidance recommends that theses statement be published within six months of the end of the organisation’s financial year. 
This means that if the year runs from 1 April to 31 March publication of the first statement was expected by 30th September 2015.
Good practice also requires organisations to promote the need to eradicate slavery and social injustice and to train their staff in good practice.  Concrew Training provides support in both areas more information here

£300m for music education hubs

UK Government to provide £300 million to a network of 121 music education hubs to work with #schools, local authorities and community organisations to get more young people taking part in #music and #arts.

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Combatting Bullying and Harassment

#NSPCC / #Childline report that bulling, remains, as it has done every year from 1989 one of top concerns of children who contact them.  NSPCC/Childline's latest published headline findings remain a concern, one that must prompt all educators to consider if their staff need refresher training #bullying 
Quoting from the NSPCC/Childline
"Bullying is the second most common reason for boys and the third most common reason for girls to contact Childline. It makes up 9 per cent of all counselling sessions (25,740 sessions in 2015/16).Bullying is the most common reason for children aged 11 and under to contact Childline; almost 1 in 4 sessions with this age group in 2015/16 were about bullying.Physical bullying is the top bullying concern for children aged 11 and under; peer pressure is top for 12–15 year olds and online bullying for 16–18 year olds.While overall, levels of counse…