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Opportunities for UK based Further Education Specialist Consultants

To support our on-going expansion and increasing demand from the UK Further Education and Skills Sector for focussed support in the areas impacting on quality and business growth Concrew Training is now looking a small number of sector specialists to join our delivery team.
Applicants will need to be able to demonstrate a strong understanding of the issues currently facing the sector and be able to develop and deliver training focussed solutions that enable FE providers to meet these challenges effectively.
More information HERE
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Teaching GCSE Maths within Further Education

Following the move from key skills to functional skills and now to GCSEs many teachers, tutors and trainers within FE need to gain a better understanding of how to teach GCSE Maths effectively.

Many learners especially those at foundation level will have struggled with the approaches they encountered in secondary education and FE providers will need to adopt more innovative and motivational approaches.

To help with this Concrew Training offer a one day workshop on teaching GCSE maths within Further Education.

Course information HERE

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Using Stretch and Challenge to Embed Deeper Learning 19 May 2015

Using Stretch and Challenge to Embed Deeper LearningBirmingham - 19 May 2015 - £239+vat

This highly practical and interactive one-day course provides clarity on what ‘stretch & challenge’ actually means, how it can promote deeper learning and most importantly of all, the techniques and approaches that facilitate stretch and challenge in differentiated classrooms and training sessions.

It explores a range of activities that have proved effective in sessions, are challenging to all learners and moreover, how they can be learner led; thus making the learning a collaborative process.
or alternatively it can be delivered on your premises.

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Employment Law Update - Birmingham - 12 May 2015 - £239+va

Employment Law 2015 2016 TrainingBirmingham - 12 May 2015 - £239+vatKeeping up-to-date with the very latest in Employment Law, Rights and Responsibilities is never easy but No company, business or organisation can afford to experience dispute, industrial action, or employment tribunals because management or staff failed to understand and follow legislation and good practice

This fast-paced and intensive one-day workshop from Concrew Training explores and highlights the key points from the latest statute and case law bringing participants up to date on the key legislation, latest changes and pending developments.
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Teaching GCSE Higher Tier Maths

Concrew Training are pleased to announce a new one-day workshop on the teaching GCSE Higher Tier Maths within a FE environment.  This workshop explores effective strategies for learner engagement

More information here
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