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Questioning for Learning - a new half day workshop for teachers and trainers

Our new half-day CPD workshop on more effective use of questioning within teaching and training compliments our outstanding teaching courses and is designed as a 3 hour cod session that runs twice on one day.

Upto 20 people can attend each session so this workshop makes a good inset CPD day for 40 staff.

read the full course overview here

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Privacy Impact Assessments - The next challenge for business ?

#GDPR and #ePrivacy are hot topics in the UK and Europe but moving forward we suspect most businesses will need to Privacy Impact Assessments ( #PIA ) whenever a new policy or procedure is introduced or a new project or assignment is under taken. 
A proportionate response that does not involve unnecessary form filling, box ticking, and endless consultation is going to be essential if the related burden is to be minimised
Those completing PIA will need to consider both physical and informational privacy
Informational privacy – the ability of a person to control, edit, manage and delete information about themselves and to decide how and to what extent such information is communicated to others.
Intrusion can come in the form of collection of excessive personal information, disclosure of personal information without consent and misuse of such information. 
It can include the collection of information through the surveillance or monitoring of how people act in public or private spaces and thro…