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Have you conducted an equal pay audit yet ? learn how now !

Despite the fast approaching deadline for larger businesses to publish details on gender pay gap differences it is thought that too many senior managers believe that they offer all staff equal pay and benefits for equal roles and consequently have not given thought to the consequences if their belief is misplaced.

The current tribunal case brought by Asda store staff provides a good indication of how differences can be perceived and the implications of such differences of opinion.  

In most cases equal pay audits can be used to identify and address issues before they escalate to levels such as this.

Concrew Training's equal pay and gender pay gap audit training courses help senior managers and HR staff conduct more effective equal pay audits. 

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Great Feedback on our training course The Effective Employee Rep

Some great feedback on the Effective Employee Representative Training we delivered last week for a major building, refurbishment, Maintenance and Energy contractor.

read the course overview and the latest delegate feedback here

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Delivering More Effective Lectures and Presentations

Using lectures and presentations to get important messages across is far from easy.
The longer the lecture the more difficult the task becomes. 
Learning by listening and note taking is seldom effective and  when the audiences’ attention wanes, typically after just 10 minutes,
the problems compound.
Despite these failings lectures and presentation are still widely used, especially in business and higher education…
so what can be done to make them more effective?
Concrew Training's workshop on delivering more effective lectures and presentations demonstrates and provides practice on  simple, easy to apply techniques that make for more effective lectures and presentations
Help your managers, sales teams, lecturers, teachers and trainers make more engaging and more effective lectures and presentations and help them get the key messages across by running this high quality high value workshop for them
More information at…

the drivers behind high performance in education

Ofsted's Chief Inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, October 2016, comments on high performing multi academy trusts will be of interest to CEO's and senior management teams across all education providers and wider business too.
Ultimately the success of any organisation is reliant on the focus the senior management team gives to key business parameters
 Read the report at:

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andragogical teaching to improve English GCSE grades

The finer points of the English language are complicated, which makes teaching this subject difficult; doubly so, when students' need to develop their independent thinking abilities in parallel.

The ongoing need to achieve GCSE qualifications at, or above, grade C means more learners are sitting the exams but the proportion succeeding has dropped dramatically; a new approach is needed!

Is there a case for moving away from traditional teaching techniques and placing more emphasis on holistic and andragogical learning?

That is to say to give more priority to self-analysis, collaborative study, problem solving and team building

Concrew Training thinks so - what do you think ?

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People and Performance Management Training

A one-day in-house management development course

People and Performance Management
techniques & approaches that maximise staff performance

Managing staff, delivering outputs and driving quality improvement is
not easy, especially for first-line managers and team leaders who take
responsibility for a large and diverse team; many of whom may work on
a part basis or freelance basis.  Couple this with the constantly
changing goals and regulations that need to be cascaded and met and the
challenge grows exponentially.

Many junior managers will have been appointed because they performed
well in previous roles but as their responsibilities grow they need a
larger skills set.

Our fast paced and intensive but fun day is for managers who want to be more effective in role.

It provides a wealth of guidance and support on:

1. The Modern Change Agenda - Keeping up to speed

2. Best Practice Performance Management Systems

3. The skills needed to engage with & support others in a modern PM sys…