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Slavery still present in the UK

Despite the Modern Slavery act being introduced  in 2015 many people struggle with the idea that slavery is present in the UK.   It is estimated that many tens of thousands of people are in modern slavery in the UK today.  Most #slaves are trafficked to the UK from overseas into forced labour in #agriculture, #construction, #hospitality, #catering, #manufacturing and car washes.  Additionally many women and girls are forced into the sex trade. It is also thought that there is also a significant number of British nationals in #slavery.  some of the possible signs of modern slavery could include people who: have their movements restricted or who always accompaniedare collected or dropped off to work at very unusual timeslook injured and malnourishedfrequently show signs of bruising and/or injuriesoften appearing malnourished and ill.appear to lack important belongings such passports, ID and address informationwear the same clothes every day especially if their clothes are dirty and/or u…

is your organisation combatting bullying and harassment effectively

Despite the inroads made #bullying and #harassment remains an all too familiar occurrence in too many businesses and organisations. 

Even the best policies and procedures are only effective when managers and staff understand and follow them.  It is extremely common for bullying and harassment to go unreported for fear of reprisal and further harassment; all too often those being bullying are forced to leave the business.

This short term and ongoing churn and wastage is a costly expensive and one that is best addresses by a pro-active approach to reducing bullying, one that includes annual training for all managers on what  bullying and harassment looks like, what is acceptable behaviour and what is not.  This training should also include advice on how best to handling upward bullying from staff.

Our one-day workshop on combatting bullying and harassment covers all of this and more

GDPR policies in place - use PIAS to ensure they are met

#GDRP Privacy Impact Assessments are a highly effective way to ensure privacy is embedded into all policies, practice, projects and activities. Our one day workshop show you how to implement #PIA with the minimum of burden

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