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External Funding for Academies and Schools Course

Another new funding course has just been added to our extensive portfolio of courses on how to access funding

Funding for Schools and Academies
The government is keen for all schools to convert to Academies by 2022 and expects schools to have plans in place to achieve this by 2020.   
Academies have new legal structures; how does this impact on external funding? What are the funding opportunities? and what are the challenges?. 
This workshop examines these issues and shows schools and Academies how to access external funding whatever their current legal structure. 
We have a wide range of courses that explain alternative funding sources for most sectors and regions see here
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Information Governance (IG) Training Course

To complement our one-day workshop on Data Protection we have released a new workshop on Information Governance (IG).

More information through the links below

Data Protection

Information Governance

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The Ofsted Inspection Ready Nominee

Ensuring key managers are updated annually and especially, prior to any expected inspection, is crucial . Maintaining a current understanding of the latest inspection requirements and good practice, helps ensure the inspection goes well and the organisation is presented to optimum effect.

Concrew Training’s one-day workshop provides this essential training. It helps Nominees, their deputies and senior managers, to remain inspection ready, despite the time lapse since the last Ofsted visit.
(NB: Concrew Training has no relationship with Ofsted and this workshop is not endorsed by, supported by, or connected, to them)

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Autistic and Dyslexic Students - Bridging the Achievement Gap

This new one-day workshop focuses on the practical strategies learning providers can adopt to help maximise achievement and progress for students with ASC and dyslexia.
Students with autism spectrum conditions (ASC) or dyslexia often have a good platform for learning, but they often struggle in traditional educational settings and fail to meet their expected targets.

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Early Years Educator Students - Improving GCSE results

A new one-day workshop from Concrew Training to help Providers meet the Government requirement that Early Years Educator students achieve English GCSE grade C or above.

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Finding Sources of Funding 2016

Concrew Training has just updated its range of training courses on the sources of funding, tendering and bidding

check out the huge range on offer at

Free Training - Host an Open

Free Training ! Yes? No? Maybe! - Read On
At Concrew Training we are passionate about providing high quality high training solutions for our customers. Training budgets are always under pressure and anything that helps them go that little bit further has to be welcomed.   Our prices are already highly competitive but this new initiative offers an opportunity to train small numbers of staff for free!!  So what's the catch ? where's the small print?   To be honest there isn't much in the way of small print and as for the catch - well there is one, of course there is, but it might not be as big as you think.............. Read on at:   "host an open"  This offer is only suitable for UK based organisations Image: Modifications to the Image: Tafel  by  Oliver Tacke  used under CC BY 2.0 #fe #furthereducation #training #educhat #hr #humanresources #training #cpd

Concrew Training's Web Site Updated

It always amazes me how long, apparently simple, updates to web sites can take..........

Its been a busy Easter but our updated web site is now live - can you believe these changes took the best part of a week !!!

check it out here