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£80m of funding to boost support for special educational needs (SEND)

Minister Edward Timpson has, today, announced an £80 million package to help extend opportunities to children with special educational needs and disability (SEND) to help give them the same opportunities as any other child.
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Concrew Training offer a range of one-day workshops to help teachers, trainers and learning support teams understand students learning differences and disabilities better and ways that they can adapt their teaching to make learning more accessible for all
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Data Privacy Day 28 January

28 January is the international day to promote awareness respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust.  

This coupled with the pending European changes on data protection make it the perfect day to review your data protection policies and book training for managers and staff

Concrew Trainings' one day workshop on Data Protection meets most peoples needs.

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New: Finance for Non Financial Manager Training Courses

Understanding budgets and how the company finances work is essential knowledge for all managers.   "Finance for non financial manager” training courses aim to provide the underpinning financial knowledge information managers need. However the needs of managers differ across roles and sectors and a one size fits all training solution seldom works Consequently Concrew Training now offer a range of one-day, or longer, workshops that explore different aspects and issues. For example the needs of the company director differ to those working in credit control and for some managers understanding budgets and budget control is more important than the workings of the balance sheet. Find out more HERE #hr #humanresources #training #financialtraining #startups #business #directors

HR checks and priorities for 2016

Some top tips for HR teams to check for 2016.  All these should be in place and understood fully by all operational managers, if they aren't Concrew Training can help.  Right to Work
Immigration LawHave you checked, and importantly, evidenced each of your employees' right to work in the UK? Usually taking a copy of their passport is sufficient for such purposes. Failure to do this can result in both civil and criminal proceedings.

Employment ContractsAll staff should have their main terms and conditions of employment set out in writing. Not only is this a legal requirement, having clear and accurate contracts of employment in place can help to avoid disputes about rights and entitlements. Are you aware of the difference between express and implied terms in a contract?

Health and Safety and WellbeingEmployers have a duty to look after the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees. If you employ 5 or more employees, you a…

teaching students who have dyslexia or autism

A new one-day workshop from Concrew Training and the strategies and approaches that help students with dyslexia and/or autism improve their learning and progression

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Ofsted and the Need to Improve Vocational Education

Ofsted's Chief Inspector spoke at CentreForum setting out his ambitions for education, including the need to improve vocational training.

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Ofsted Inspection Support in Demand

We are only a few days into the new 2016 year and Concrew Training has already received several enquires for Inspection support training.

If your organisation is expecting an inspection in the first half of 2016 now is the time to ensure managers and staff are conversant with the latest requirements and approaches

Our one-day courses are suitable for up to 20 delegates and cost just £1495+vat.

That's less than £75+vat/person.

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Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties and Differences

prompted by a customer enquiry Concrew Training is pleased to announce its new one-day training course on understanding specific learning difficulties and differences.

This one-day workshop provides an informative, interactive and valuable introduction to

Dyslexia (and visual stress)DyspraxiaDyscalculiaAttention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD)Sensory impairment (sight, hearing, speech)Asperger syndromeIt provides practical coping strategies for staff and individuals alike, explores the approaches that make teaching and learning more accessible and raises awareness on how to support individuals with specific learning difficulties and differences.
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Planning Training for 2016

The Christmas and New Year festivities are over and its time to start planning staff training and CPD for 2016.

Concrew Training offer a wide range of one-day good practice training courses that are perfect for those looking for high quality high value training and CPD solutions

Check out our course list or ask for a quote for bespoke training

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