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£500,000 to help victims of discrimination in education to access legal support.

Legal representatives or advisors can request funding or assistance from the Equality and Human Rights Commission on behalf of individuals from 11 September 2017. The project is intended for cases which: relate to discrimination in schools, further and higher education providers or general qualification bodies where Part 6 of the Equality Act has been breachedrelate to discrimination on the grounds of one or more of the protected characteristics outlined in the Equality Act 2010find out more here

Performance Management Drives Organisational Success

In many ways, modern #management demonstrates one of two underpinning virtuous circles, one performance enhancing the other performance reducing.
These #performance circles can act on individuals, teams, departments or whole companies and organisations, so it is possible for both to exist at the same time but usually one prevails.
These circles are often called, albeit often appropriately, “the company culture”.
In reality views on “the company culture” are usually dominated by the way an individual interacts with their line manager and reflects the local culture.
But one often begets another.
The performance-enhancing circle is usually found when people are enjoying their job, doing it well, and receive ongoing praise and recognition for their hard work. The praise and recognition encouraging them to perform still better and a positive performance circle or culture is created. This is often achieved by ensuring each individual employee has a clear understanding of: Their role, how it contri…

PECR - Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations Training

Concrew Trainings one-day workshop on data protection and the GDPR also covers the May 2018 PECR - Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations which are often known as the E-Privacy regulations 
The New E-Privacy Regulations ( #PECR ) The workshop also includes an overview of the pending Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) often referred to as “the e-privacy directive”

Stronger, uniform, pan Europe rulesIncludes wider communication platforms such as social media Marketing via electronic meansThe use of #cookiesSecurity of public communications servicesPrivacy of customers using communications services location data, itemised billing, caller ID, call returnHow it applies to organisations providing customer WiFi accessExtended protection against spamMore effective enforcementFines and penalties in line with the GDPR#eprivacy #gdpr #dataprotection

GDPR and PECR fines estimated to exceed £4 Billion in first 3 years

Would you be surprised if we told you Data Protection was one of our most popular training courses? We think many people would be, but when you look at the drivers behind their requests, it becomes clear why so many organisations have data protection as a top priority.
Firstly, but by no means least, is the amount of things that can and still go wrong. Usually because management or staff don’t understand or don’t follow the law or their systems and procedures fail to take data protection legislation into account.
Recent example include:  - Boomerang Video £60,000 fine for failing to take basic steps to safeguard its web site from cyber attack - Nottingham County Council £70,000 fine for leaving vulnerable people’s personal information exposed - Home Logic UK £50,000 fine for making unwanted telephone calls to customers  and its not just companies, individuals can get fined too:

- A Former Health Worker
£1050 fine plus £600 in costs for accessing and sharing personal data

- A Domestic Services Comp…

Stretch and Challenge CPD Training

Great feedback from delegates on the Stretch and Challenge training we delivered last week and this.

Read for about the workshop

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image:15 Rules for Great Teaching by Sylvia Duckworth used under CC BY