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GDPR support web site

A new #EU funded website has been launched to help organisations understand and meet #GDPR legislation.  It contains a wealth of practical help advice and checklists

Employee Representation threshold reduced

Employers and Employees alike benefit from employee representation when it is set up and implemented professionally.The Governments Good Work Plan – December 2018 – recognised this and brings the legal entitlement to employee representation to far more companies
The legal threshold for a request to set up information and consultation arrangements is reduced from 10% to 2% of the workforce. However The 15 employee minimum threshold for initiation of proceedings remains in place. Of course where employers and employee agree arrangements can be set up in any organisation. 
Effective employee representation
Information and consultation are essential for continued growth and success in all organisations.  For any operation, business, project, initiative to succeed people need to talk to each other, they need to

·exchange ideas, view and opinions ·discuss problems and more importantly, possible solutions ·consider new initiatives, developments and changes

Managers should not rely on the grapevine…