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GDPR support web site

A new #EU funded website has been launched to help organisations understand and meet #GDPR legislation.  It contains a wealth of practical help advice and checklists

Employee Representation required by law

The department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy, in response to the Matthew Taylor Review of Modern Employment Practices, has announced that they will be lower the threshold in the information and consultation of employees regulations from 10% of employees to just 2%, with a minimum number of 15 employees.

In simple terms the Government recognises and supports the benefits employee representation brings.  This amended legislation means the a far greater number of organisations will need to appoint employee reps.

Concrew training has a proven range of courses designed to help organisations set up employee representative forums and train members to be more effective in role.

It is important that these forums contribute to ongoing business success and members understand their, often difficult, roles fully and they do not support a moans and groans culture. 

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