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PECR Training Course - Fantastic Feedback

Concrew Training's one-day course on  the #PECR received great feedback from delegates last week. 

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Understanding Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures Training

Concrew Training seen a significant increase in interest in our one-day training workshops on disciplinary and grievance procedures.

The increased demand for #training in grievance and disciplinary procedures is clearly being driven by the abolition of tribunal fees, we are told the number of employment tribunal hearings is up some 75% on November 2017 and there is now something like a 6 month backlog.

No company or #HR manager wants to have to go to a tribunal hearing and even fewer, if that's possible, want to have a tribunal hearing pending for 6 months.  

Training managers and staff clearly helps ensure good practice is followed which is turn helps prevent matters escalating to tribunal level. Further in the event that matters do escalate being able to evidence staff training and compliance with good practice is highly advantageous.

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GDPR - ICO gets 500 breach reports a week !

The transcript of the ICO Deputy Commissioner (Operations) James Dipple-Johnstone speech to the "CBI Cyber Security: Business Insight Conference" makes for interesting reading.   A short extract is below:

"Busting myths
Organisations are struggling with the concept of 72 hours as defined by the GDPR. Remember: it’s not 72 working hours, the clock starts ticking from the moment you become aware of the breach.Some reports are incomplete. Our guidance sets out very clearly what you should include when you report a breach. You might not have all that information to hand in the first 72 hours, we get that, but please plan ahead; have people with suitable seniority and clearance to talk to us and be ready to provide as much detail as you can and be able to tell us when we can expect the rest. It is not very helpful to be told there is a breach affecting lots of customers but the reporter isn’t authorised by the general counsel to tell us more than that! If you don’t assign adequ…

Understanding RARPA training course

A new one-day workshop from Concrew Training that introduces delegates to the concept of RARPA within non accredited learning and demonstrates how to apply the principles and approaches effectively

more information at:

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Modern Slavery Awareness Training


Image: Sweatshop project (sweatshops across the world) by marissaorton used under CC BY-SA 2.0

In their drive to eradicate modern slavery from their supply chains many businesses are now asking expecting all their suppliers to comply with the legislation and provide evidence of compliance and staff training.

Concrew Training offer a range of training and and around Modern Slavery

Our base course brings managers up to speed on the latest legislation and good practice and also provides time for delegates to consider how best to evidence their organisations compliance.

Appreciating that many businesses will need to cascade this training to staff and suppliers we also offer a condensed half day version for direct delivery to staff and a variation of the one day course that assists managers and trainers in developing developing their own half day training session for subsequent delivery to staff and suppliers.

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GDPR Training course updated

Concrew training is pleased to announce thats its one-day workshop on #DataProtection, GDPR and PECR has been updated to reflect the latest developments.

We also have up to date one-day training courses on

#PECR - Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations

#PIA - Data Protection Impact Assessments 

Information Governance Training