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Funeral Director Clay Cross - High Quality - Low Cost Funerals

Gonetoosoon Clay Cross, is a family business run by my good friends Graham, Amy and Sue.  Their vision was to bring a modern forward thinking service to Clay Cross. one that maintained the traditional values of outstanding customer service, compassion and empathy with a bright modern look, outstanding value, clear prices and no hidden extras.

The last point is far more important than you may think because "disbursements" can cost well over £1000 so a quote of £1000 plus disbursements probably means a final bill that is well in excess of £2000.

It makes sense to shop around but make sure you call Graham or Amy on 01246 86 26 56
or check out their web site

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Open Course - Teaching E-Safety through Social Media

Price:  £299.00+vat per delegateLocation: Birmingham City CentreDate: 28 June 2017A one-day workshop that demonstrates a high effective way to teach online/e-safety using Social Media and consider how Social Media media can complement a broad range teaching strategies. Full Course Overview

It explores how social media can be used to develop students’ research, communication and life skills whilst simultaneously raising their awareness of the potential risks posed by the internet and what to do if they encounter a possible problem. Historically many education providers tried to protect users by restricting or banning access to the internet but this approach can be breached too easily and it does little to prepare students for real world living. The internet and social media are increasingly integral to both business and private life and the modern student needs to understand what the risks are, how to identify, avoid and report them. The workshop shows teachers how social media can be used …

Open Course - Education - Sources of Alternative Funding

Price:  £349.00+vat per delegateLocation: London EustonDate: 17 July 2017A one-day workshop that highlights sources of alternative funding for education, schools, academies, colleges and children/young people’s projects Full Course Overview

The education & CYP funding environment is changing radically. These structural changes plus the advent of free schools, academies, the abolition of the children’s trusts, the pupil premium and changes to the Building Schools for the Future programme means education organisations, schools and CYP projects will need to seek funding through a more diverse range of options and develop new fundraising strategies. This one-day workshop explores the alternative sources of funding that are on offer to education providers and those who work with children and young people Open Course Diary HERE #education #schools colleges #FE #funding #grants #bids

Open Course - Education - Using Stretch and Challenge to Embed Deeper Learning

Price:  £299.00+vat per delegateLocation: Birmingham City CentreDate: 15 June 2017A one-day workshop that explores the approaches and techniques that help teachers, tutors, trainers and learning support staff to use stretch and challenge to deliver deeper and more effective learning.  Full Course Overview

The need to develop and foster a learning environment that supports both the individual and the group is far from easy. It requires practitioners to think about how they might differentiate sessions and deliver teaching, learning and support in a way that meets each learner’s individual needs and ensures all students are ‘stretched and challenged’ This highly participative course brings clarity to what needs to be done and how.  It begins by exploring current practice, identifying what effective ‘stretch & challenge’ looks like in the delegates’ teaching environments – classrooms, lecture theatres, workshops, tutorials  seminars etc.  It considers what is expected from the best educ…

Open Course - Using Social Media at Work - Rights Responsibilities - Policies Procedures

Price:  £299.00+vat per delegateLocation: Birmingham City CentreDate: 13 July 2017A one-day workshop that explores good practice and effective policies for the use of social media at work. Full Course Overview

The ever increasing number of tribunal cases revolving round staff’s use or abuse of social media at work means that all organisations and businesses need to ensure they have robust policies and procedures in place and that managers are properly trained in the staff rights and responsibilities when using social media at or in connection with work. Having a blanket ban on use is not a viable solution. Social media is a highly effective business marketing tool and placing a blanket ban on its use at work is never going to work. Managers and staff need to understand who, how, when, where and why they can use social media at work and what the guidelines policies and procedures they need to adhere to when doing so. This is especially important in the grey areas between the personal and p…

Open Courses Now Open For Booking

Concrew Training's short run of open event courses are now open for booking. Provincial events cost £299+vat/person.  London Events £349+vat/person.

Understanding Data Protection and The GDPR

Using Social Media at Work - Rights and Responsibilities

Alternative Sources of Funding for Education, Schools & Young People Projects

Using Stretch and Challenge to Embed Deeper Learning

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Open Event Courses

Concrew Training plan to offer a short series of one-day open event courses for June July 2017 designed to showcase our quality and value.

We hope to have the events, dates, locations and prices finalised before the end of April 2017.

Initial topics are likely to include:

Data Protection and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)Using Social Media at Work - Rights and ResponsibilitiesSources of Alternative Funding for EducationUsing Stretch and Challenge to Embed Deeper Learning

managing bad behaviour in classrooms - course updated

Concrew Training have now updated our workshop on 

Managing Challenging Behaviour within Teaching 

to include some of the latest advice on tackling bad behaviour in the classroom

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