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BREXIT - understanding and strategising

The initial responses to The UK's vote to leave the EU have, was say the least,dramatic.
The follow on lack of vision and direction poses a real concern.     
The leave campaign team appear to have differing ideas and goals and the Government appears to have put everything on hold for several months until they can work out a way forward.
It is easy to say nothing will change for at least the next two to two and a half years and many be much longer BUT in the real world this presents a real problem.   
Most businesses and organisations will need to make decisions well before any final exit deal is reached.   Many of these decisions just wont wait!! 
Most of Concrew Training's HR related courses contain updates on the latest legislation, good practice and cystral ball visioning for the future.   
We will continue this updating over the following months and years to make sure our courses contain the very latest development and guidance on how, where and when these changes may impac…