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The easy guide to loosing customers

I don't see many cheques these days but when a business cheque landed on my mat I drove the 10 miles to my nearest branch to pay it into my account. On a quite Wednesday afternoon their were no queues and two people waiting to serve me BUT from the bank that is "driven to do better" and promises that "taking care of business customers is a priority for us" they couldn't accept my cheque deposit over the counter ! More like driven to care less would be a more appropriate slogan in my books On a more positive note my local post office is more than happy to take the cheques over the counter and for free ! Time for a change ?

Differentiated Learning Made Easier - Open Workshop

This one day workshop is now open for bookings

Concrew Training Open Workshops

Concrew Training will be launching it new open events series this week. High Quality High Value training and CPD sessions on high priority topics running in a hotel venue near you. Look out for more details soon. #ConcrewTraining