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Preparing for Gender Pay Gap Reporting - A one-day training course

Preparing for Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Mandatory gender pay gap reporting will soon be required.  From next year, the Government will require companies employing more than 250 employees to complete equal pay audits and publish their gender pay gap data.

It is probable that public pressure and sub contracting arrangements will 
cascade these requirements to many smaller organisations too.

Despite the Equal pay act 1970,  the Equal Value Amendment 1984 and the follow on Equality Act 2010 there are still wide variances in pay and benefits.   

The Government's gender pay reporting scheme, "Think, Act, Report" was designed to highlight and close the pay disparity between male and female employees but it was poorly supported; only 5 organisations actually published any figures.  The Office for National Statistics calculate the average disparity, for 2014, at 19.1%.  Down, slightly, from 19.8% in 2013.  Part time staff fair worse than full time staff but in simple terms…

Using Mindfulness in Further Education - A new course from Concrew Training

This one-day workshop provide a chance to investigate the potential benefits of using mindfulness within a learning environment. Participants learn how mindfulness practice can assist teachers, trainers and learning support workers in their approach to planning, delivery and assessment of course objectives bringing a fresh way of looking at and overcoming barriers to learning. Delegates explore new strategies and approaches for responding to negative thinking, supporting learning and students’ individual needs. The workshop demonstrates ways to introduce mindfulness techniques into the classroom, encourage students to think differently about themselves and their approaches, aiming for improved levels of course completion and achievement. Continue Reading.... #mindfulness #fe #furthereducation #teachers