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E Cigarettes at work - should they be banned?

A number of household name employers already do this but care has to be taken in any approach towards what is a relatively new product. There is the strong possibility that some of these products will eventually regulated as medicines. And a new European Directive is on the way defining these medical issues.

Many smokers use E Cigarettes as a substitute for tobacco products. They usually heat nicotine, propylene glycol and flavouring agents into a vapour which the user inhales. 

Companies marketing e-cigarettes usually give the impression that they can be used almost anywhere, including in the workplace, where traditional cigarettes are banned. E-cigarette manufacturers also promote the idea that using these products – ‘vaping’ as it is sometimes called - does not have the same harmful effects as conventional smoking.

But these claims have come under tough scrutiny. Most recently the World Health Organisation (WHO) published a report into the use, health effects and options for regulati…

Data Protection 2014/15 Important Changes

Huge changes to Data Protection legislation looks certain for 2015 – Most driven by the European Union desire to unify protection across boundaries, cut red tape and empower national law officers to impose much bigger fines on offending employers.
More on that in the coming months but right now all UK based managers, HR personnel and data controllers need to focus on recent court rulings that impact on: A person’s name and e-mailsStealing dataEnforced subject accessRight to be forgottenIt is imperative that all UK businesses and organisations ensure their managers and HR teams maintain a current understanding of the latest laws that impact on business operations, staff behaviours and employment issues.  Concrew Trainings one-day workshops provide high quality high value solutions for all. 
More details at
All our workshops are regularly updated to ensure they reflect the very latest in legislation and good practice.
The recent rulings that …

Meeting individual students' needs better

How many students are still failing courses or dropping out or generally dis-engaged because they have a hidden disability or psychological condition has gone unnoticed, has been identified too late, or the the teaching, tutoring and training teams have lacked the specialist knowledge on their individual condition to support them effectively? 
Concrew Training's one-day workshop provides a strong background understanding of the symptoms and signs that front line teaching, training and support teams need to look out for and guidance on when to seek more specialist support.
For those looking for a more detailed understanding of specific special needs Concrew Training also offers workshops in a range of areas.

Book your next training session now !

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Teaching - The workload challenge Initiative

The Deputy Prime Minister has launched " The Workload Challenge" a new initiative inviting teachers to have their say on the causes of unnecessary workload and what government should do about it. #edchat #teachers #learning #edtech #school #education #fe

Managers convicted following employee's suicide

I have just come across this report on a case in Sweden, it highlights, clearly, the importance all Managers need to pay to working conditions, staff moral and well being.

For those organisations and business that think their managers and staff would benefit from refresher training on employment law and ways to avoid conflicts and disputes please contact Concrew Training.

Ian Hirst
Concrew Training

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10 Tips for Managing Redundancies Effectively

1.Make sure the redundancy is genuine  2.Ensure all those involved are properly trained a.Senior Managers and Directors b.Operation Managers and HR staff c.Employee representatives 3.Consult fully and properly a.Ensure representatives and those involved have access to all necessary information 4.Adhere to the law and the latest in good practice 5.Publish and follow redundancy procedures closely 6.Have clear concise fair and objective selection criteria a.Avoid discrimination b.Be seen to be fair, reasonable and caring 7.Ensure clarity on the groups redundancy will be selected from 8.Explore alternative options to compulsory redundancy a.alternative roles or duties b.Voluntary redundancy 8. Calculate redundancy payments and entitlements correctly 9. Plan for dismissal meetings and appeals 10. Have a plan to support and counsel staff including those not directly involved
For more information check out the ACAS following ACAS publication or book a training course from Concrew Training.

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More Employment Legislation on the way

Eversheds, one of the world’s largest corporate law firms has just published a summary of the various UK political parties plans for future employment law amendments.  

see their summary via the link below

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E&D and the Code of Ethics for Museums

Concrew Training is pleased to announce new workshop designed to help those within museums and art galleries balance the modern agenda for equality and diversity, with the code of ethics for museums and the creative case for diversity.  
In doing so it brings participants up to date with the very latest in UK equalities legislation and good practice and considers how it impacts on museums and galleries

More Information on the workshop at

For more information on the code of ethics and the creative case for diversity follow the links below
UK Museum Association Ten Point Code of Ethics

UK Arts Council - Creative Case for Diversity

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Redundancy Training

Concrew Training now offer support for business and organisations needing to effect redundancies

According to ACAS, about 130,000 workers in the UK are taking voluntary redundancy or being made redundant every three months (as at October 2013).   Redundancy is seldom pleasant, when redundancies occur people feel threatened and insecure, even if they are not members of the redundant group.

Redundancies can be costly, time consuming and have a negative effect on staff morale especially if they are not managed well.  These one day workshop provide the background information and guidance to enable operational managers and HR teams to implement the redundancy processes effectively.  

Content and focus can be aligned to individual client circumstances 

For HR Teams and Operational Managers

For Staff and Employee Representatives

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October Discount Code

Book Concrew Training course between now and the end of October 2014 for delivery in 2014 and get a 5% discount when you quote October2014offer

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Customer Feedback

Many thanks to all those who left feedback on our courses last week,  its always great to hear from our customers especially with feedback like this:

Excellent - thank you
An excellent training course
Exceeded expectations
Informative and motivating
Excellent training session
Very Enjoyable

Very high quality
Very Effective
Engaging and Interesting
Engaging delivery
Very effective and competent
Very useful, informative and beneficial

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Equality & Diversity 2014/15

In the last few months, the equality law agenda has been subject to rapid legal and political change. With more to come!  Couple this speed of on-going change with the still too common situation where well intended individuals, usually through their limited understanding of effective E&D adopt and/or implement misguided systems and procedures;  approaches that all too often add unnecessarily burden and/or cost and can even hinder good practice being followed; and the need for regular update training on E&D starts to become clear. 

For example are you and your team fully conversant with the following recent changes ? and do you all have the confidence,  knowledge and skills to apply them effectively ?  

Are any of your team scared to manage because of the fear of the staff member filing a discrimination claim or one about bullying/harassment. 

Disability has now been re defined by European judges to include obesity. There are implications here for equality as well as emp…

Teaching Assistants - Review of Standards Announced

The Rt Hon David Laws MP and the Department for Education have announced a review of the standards for teaching assistants.

The review will aim to replace the current set of standards with a clearer and more concise version which reflects the diversity of the existing schools system.

The review panel will aim to draw up standards which:
·are unequivocal, clear and easy to understand ·can be used to assess the performance of teaching assistants ·steer the professional development of teaching assistants at all levels ·are designed to inspire confidence in teaching assistants and ensure that schools use their skills and expertise to best effect ·focus primarily on the key elements of their professional relationship with teachers to ensure that all pupils attain the highest possible standard
More information at:

Information on Concrew Training's one-day workshop on helping teachin


Teaching assistants and learning support teams are taking on increasingly more important roles within the classroom.  It is important, especially if few are fully trained teachers, that their role is well defined, planned and structured.  This is especially important when they are tasked with providing more specialised support and guidance. The effectiveness of the support provided by teaching and learning support assistants is highly dependent on the way that the teaching and learning support assistants role is developed and dovetailed into lesson planning and delivery.   It is essential that management, teachers and the learning support staff have a clear and agreed and unified approach to teaching delivery. For example, learning support teams need to ensure that they work in ways that ensures students are stretched and encouraged to become more independent but simultaneously provides the detailed guidance and support when students need it.  These opposing goals are better achieved whe…

Calculation of holiday pay based on commission and overtime may have to change

There could soon be a need for employers to look very carefully at how they calculate holiday pay in the light of a landmark decision from the European Court. The case before them concerned a Mr. Lock, a gas sales consultant and had been referred to Europe by the UK’s Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT).

Mr. Lock’s pay was made up of basic salary plus commission calculated on the basis of completed sales.  The commission was generally paid some weeks after the conclusion of the sale, but usually represented over 60% of his normal monthly earnings.

During holiday periods he was paid in the same way as when he was at work: his basic salary plus any commission due from sales completed previously.  He took three weeks' annual leave over Christmas/New Year; during this time he received past commission but did not earn any commission as he was not making any sales and, as a result, his salary in the months following was reduced.   He then decided to ask for a "top-up" to reflect …

UK Employment Law. 4 changes effective 01 October 2014

4 changes come into effect today, 01 October 2014

1.The right of a tribunal to order an equal pay audit inside a whole company or organisation based upon evidence from just one case
2. Time off to accompany a pregnant woman to Ante-Natal appointments
3. New payments to employers when staff who are military reservists are called up
4. Increase in national minimum wage rates

Employment Law Training:

Many employment grievances and tribunal claims arise due to a lack of clarity or understanding about legislation and/or the unreasonable behaviour, whether on the part of the employer or employee or sometimes both. Periodic training in employment law is very important.

Employment legislation has seen significant changes over the past 24 months and new legislation is often misunderstood. In some cases, employers are totally unaware of the existence of the legislation. Ignorance of…