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RARPA Stages 6-8 Quality Assurance

The SFA’s funding arrangements for adult education, 2016-17, as published in March 2016 appear to offer far greater scope for the delivery of non-regulated programmes but a key condition of this improved funding flexibility requires providers to have: “appropriate and robust quality assurance processes in place. For instance ‘Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement’ (RARPA) that would be acceptable to Office of Standards in Education (Ofsted)”   All well and good I hear you say........... But the March 2016 Ofsted publication, "Moving Forward?" contains statements such as: “The use of systems to recognise and record learners’ progress and achievements was the weakest aspect of provision at all the providers sampled, especially where learners were not working towards a qualification. Providers were typically weak at developing and using a reliable system to improve the outcomes for their learners beyond the achievement of qualifications.”  Revisiting and reviewing h…