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50% of FE providers lack effective strategies and expertise to support students who have learning diffculties

The Government and Ofsted have expressed concerns 
that High needs learners are not always receiving the 
support they need to reach their potential
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Concrew training offers a wide range of high quality,
high value, one-day workshops that help schools and
colleges improve their support for students with
learning differences and difficulties
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Trainers, Tutors and Learning Support Assistants - Working Together Better

The effectiveness of the support provided by teaching and learning support assistants is highly dependent on the way that the teaching and learning support assistants role is developed and integrated into lesson planning and delivery.  For learning to be optimised it is essential that management, teachers and the learning support staff all have a clear, agreed and unified approach to the way they teach and support learning. For example, all students need to be stretched and challenged and helped to become more independent; but, simultaneously, they need to be provided with more detailed guidance and support as and when they need it.  These opposing goals are never easy to balance but they better achieved when management, teachers and support teams approach the classroom with common aims, objectives and approaches. One of the most effective ways to achieve this to for a groups of representatives from the various teaching and support teams, teachers, tutors, lecturers, trainers, teaching as…