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The Need for Employee Representatives

Despite unemployment rates showing ongoing improvements cut backs and redundancies are still commonplace.   A walk down the high street shows how many retail operations have been affected with many well known names now gone but its far more than the high street that is affected, redundancies are taking place across most sectors, news, banking, media, education, gas and oil.

The laws that impact on and around consultation on redundancy can be complex to understand and interpret especially in real workplace situations.

Most redundancy situations require effective consultation with employees and/or their representatives, there are clear benefits to be had from having an effective employee representative team in place before redundancies are needed.

Concrew Training offers generic training for Employee Representatives as well as training related more closely to redundancy situations

The Effective Employee Representative

Redundancy Training for Employee Representatives

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Facilitating Effective Focus Group Training Course

Concrew Training is pleased to announce a new one-day workshop on Facilitating Training Groups.
In this one-day fast paced workshop delegates learn the who what why, when and where of effective focus groups and leave feeling better able and equipped to deliver highly effective focus group meetings – whatever their sector.
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15% Discount on Courses Booked for August 2015

Book any of Concrew Trainings one-day courses to run in August 2015 and get 15% of our advertised prices

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