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Update training on Data Protection and Privacy legislation

Update training on Data Protection and Privacy legislation is fast becoming essential for all managers, HR teams and ITC/data specialists alike. 

Firstly, because the amount of data that goes astray each year remains worryingly high


Secondly, because new and profound changes on the use of personal data are on their way, changes that are being driven by a European regulation, The European General Data Protection Regulation

(EU regulations automatically apply in member states without being transposed into national legislation)

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Teaching Learning Assessment and its Observation 2015

Meeting the demands of the 2015 Common Inspection Framework 
Teaching, Learning and Assessment (TLA) is at the heart of the Further Education and Skills sector in the UK. However, do we truly understand what good TLA looks like? It is much more than the day-to-day activities in the classroom or workshop. The focus of the Common Inspection Framework now places a much greater emphasis on the wider aspects of the learner journey through college, such as constructive feedback, individualised learning, the development of mathematics and English. The list goes on………….
The teacher’s job role has expanded to cover these wider tasks.
TLA as part of a good quality programme of learning is now much more than that required to develop the knowledge needed to pass an exam.
Observation of teaching and learning is an established feature at most colleges. The best colleges link this to staff appraisal and performance review and at inspection.
Ofsted expectation is that observation will have been used to b…

Mental Health Awareness Training Course Updated

Concrew Training are pleased to announce their new updated training course on Mental Health Awareness.   This one-day course is essential CPD for everyone.

Most people experience stress, anxiety and even depression at some stage in their life - issues that affect them and their performance at work, school or college adversely.

Ensuring managers and staff can identify those who may need support can reduce the impact and prevent problems escalating.

More on our new course HERE 

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UK Employment Law 2015 2016 - One-day Essential Training Course

Keeping up-to-date with the very latest in Employment Law, Rights and Responsibilities is never easy. Concrew Training's one-day course on Employment Law, Rights and Responsibilities provides essential CPD for managers and HR specialists alike. 
The changes to Employment Legislation and Employment Rights & Responsibilities continue to be both extensive and significant.   In May, the Government set out a wide range of new laws which will affect employment rights and responsibilities. Some of the main highlights include:-
Employment and Welfare Benefits Bill This proposal aims to reduce the household benefit cap; impose a two-year freeze on most working age benefits, including unemployment benefit & remove automatic entitlement to housing support for 18-21 year olds. The Universal Credit reforms brought in by the Coalition Government will move forward apace and there will be a much tighter regime around Immigration and Social Security Law.
Enterprise Bill A new law will cap redun…