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UK employment law 2019

The #legislation, directives and judgements that impact on the rights and responsibilities of UK employers and their employees never stand still. UK employment law is continually evolving and developing which means it is imperative that all those who represent or have staff reporting to them need to maintain a good working knowledge of the key legislation.  
Yesterday the Government announced proposals for what look to be the biggest changes to employment law for 20 years.  It is imperative that #Directors, #HR staff, #Unions and Employee Reps as well as all managers and staff keep track of these.
Key proposals include:-

• changing the rules on continuity of employment, so that a break of up to four weeks (currently one week) between contracts will not interrupt continuity

• extending the right to a written statement of terms and conditions to workers (as well as employees), and requiring the employer to give it on the first day of work (rather than within two months)

• legislation to s…

Christmas Party - Sexual Harassment put on Hold !

Its the Christmas Party season, a time for merriment, banter, flirtation, kissing the boss under the mistletoe, kissing the office junior under the mistletoe, a drunken hand on the knee , a playful smack of the bottom, its the time when even the most upstanding person could over step the mark.   But take the law doesn't stop for Christmas and the new year,  unwanted behaviour is still seen as harassment and abuse and when the party is over the complaints begin. 

Prevention is better than cure so all HR managers should as the absolute minimum remind all managers and staff what is acceptable and what is not. 

Under the Equality Act 2010 employers have a defence if they can prove they took all reasonable steps to prevent employees from committing discriminatory acts. Employers should therefore consider taking the following seven steps before the Christmas festivities begin: 
Ensure equal opportunities policies are up to dateat the office party, and other social events, offer a selection…

Just 9 Outstanding FE Providers in 2017/18

the latest report from #Ofsted shows that only 9 #FE and Skills providers were rated as outstanding in 2017/18.  more than a 50% reduction on the the 2016/17 year (20) despite a very similar number of inspections (730 v 740) 

in simple terms just over 1% of FE & Skills providers were rated outstanding in 2017/18 #inspections.   This cannot be seen as anything less than a very worrying statistic.